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La La Logic - Review

Miss K has lots of strengths and I want to build on those strengths. I do think she has an excellent memory -- after all she can remember what kind of ice cream she had at the park last summer. I know that she has some good thinking skills but at the same time I am always looking for ways to further her thinking skills. I was thrilled with the opportunity to review La La Logic's Preschool Curriculum.

La La Logic Review

La La Logic is an online program that has 100 weeks of games and activities to develop thinking skills. In addition to the online portion there are worksheets and also a parent page to help guide the child. I love the fact that while some of this is done online there are areas that you do together with your child. It is more than just another online program or game.

La La Logic is online so it can be used on a PC, Mac, or tablet. We tried it one day on the Mac but switched to the iPad. For Miss K it worked best on the iPad because then she doesn't have to finger dexterity with the mouse. The iPad works the best for her to be able to drag things from one place to another.

La La Logic Review
Dragging the letters to the bucket.

This is designed as a preschool program but because of Miss K's special needs and delays it was an excellent program for her. Some of the activities included inserting the missing puzzle piece, describing an object, putting things in order, and many other thinking activities. There was one activity of turning over the cards and picking the bigger number to see which animal would win. Miss K often had an animal that she wanted to win and so she would pick based on that. I did have to tell her she could not do that.

I was impressed with the variety of activities. Miss K was not bored. One easy way to get her started on her school work was giving the incentive of doing La La Logic. She was excited and ready to begin her day.

La La Logic Review

If the child makes a mistake and selects the wrong answer, the program just encourages them to try again. When the correct answer is given, there are various words of encouragement. It is suggested that you sit with the child while they do this and I agree. It was good for me to sit and see what Miss K was doing and the areas that she had problems. One of the areas that she struggled with was how long is the object. Because the parent is sitting with the child there is no email of progress sent. It did take me a bit to learn that I need to click when Miss K has completed the week, it is not done automatically that that is because there are additional activities besides just the online portion so the parent decides when the week is finished.

This is a great program for helping children develop thinking skills. It did not require any adaptation for Miss K to use it. It works easily for a child with special needs.

La La Logic offers a free trial. If you like it, it is just a one time fee of $29 per household. This is a lifetime membership. With this you are able to track five children's progress.

La La Logic has been a fun way for building thinking skills.

La La Logic Review

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