Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Praying for the Heart - a Repentant Heart

Praying for a Repentant Heart

True repentance involves both conviction and confession. Conviction without confession is guilt, but it is the confession that takes away the guilt.

Repentance comes from realizing your own sin and the need to make things right. David wrote Psalm 51 after the prophet Nathan confronted him about his sin with Bathsheba. David named it what it was—sin, transgression, and iniquity. He was admitting what he did. He called it what it was and did not excuse it by using a word like mistake, slip-up, or something else to reduce the severity of the offense.

David realized that his sin was against the Lord. (Psalm 51:4) He knew what delights God’s heart – truthfulness, being honest about our sin, not blaming others or excusing it. Then he asked for cleaning, to be washed. Then that repentance opened the way to restored joy. The relationship was restored and David was praising God.

Our repentance should come from a broken spirit, as we realize what happens as a result of our sin. God will not despise us.

David is called a man after God’s own heart. Yes, he sinned—but it is his repentant heart, his grief over his sin that set him apart as a man after God’s own heart. In our experience, too, repentance leads to a changed heart.

A repentant heart see God’s holiness and his own sin and knows that all he can do is repent. It is through humble confession that the relationship is restored.

Do you see God as holy? Do you understand how our sin breaks our relationship with God and others? Be assured that God delights to hear our confession.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week in Review - August 29, 2014

It is hard to believe it is the end of August. August has been cool at the point of being some of the lowest recorded temperatures for our area. This is our third week back to school. 

J came to breakfast the other day with his deck of cards. So we decided to play Concentration 10. I pulled all the kings, queens, jokers, jacks, and 10's. I also matched to make sure that we had sets that would equal 10 only because I wasn't sure we were working with a full deck. We then shuffled and placed the cards on the table. The idea was to get two cards that equaled 10. I lost.

I decided to extend the learning fun and reached my Mega-Fun Card-game Math book and found another game called Sum 20. We played that. I lost. That is okay the goal was to have fun and use some math. 

The kids got in the therapy box and this is one of our favourite things to play with. I really need to get a therapy schedule so that we are regularly doing things.

We spent two days reading about Columbus or as Mystery of History calls him Christobal Colon. It was total last minute pull out the Interactive 3-D Maps: American History.

The one for Columbus included the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria that you put through a slit and could sail along the ocean blue.

A treat this week was to head to a local restaurant that recently opened. It is a hot dog place. J got a Sloppy Joe dog. He said it would give him enough meat.

I think I have found a schedule that is working with Miss K. I rotate through things a bit with her and that seems to be helping. We are going between Math-U-See and Saxon. I have found that gives a nice balance.

It is interesting to observe how the kids are adjusting and blending the culture into our lives. J has begun to use the £ symbol for money problems even though his math book has the $.

The other day J was writing and asked if he should write colour American or British. I told him I didn't care as long as he is consistent. He then asks me how to spell it British. So that conversation was happening at the school table.

My husband was heading out and says, "I am going for a walk."

I respond to J, "o-u-r".

My husband hears that and says, "Yes, I am."

We all got a good laugh about that when we realised what was happening.

That wraps up our week.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

R is for Random Facts

It is Friday and I have had a difficult time coming up with a topic for R. You would not really think that R would be that difficult. I asked the children for suggestions and they gave me words like radio, roller skating, roller blading, race car which was really not much help. Then this morning I came up with a topic, random facts. So here are some random facts about me.

1. My parents have had the same phone number all my life. They moved once but kept the same phone number.  Okay, the area code changed but the number is still the same.

2. Phonology was the one grad school class that I really did not enjoy. It is probably the one course that I use the most now as I work with my daughter and speech.

3. I have a pearl lady in Hong Kong -- Sandra at the Jade Market is where I buy my pearls and other jewellery. I have a necklace that recently broke. I saved all the beads dreaming of when I can go back and get it repaired.

4. Of the five apartments in Asia only 1 had the refrigerator in the kitchen. The rest it was in the dining room.

5. I have never been south of the equator. Maybe I should check and make sure the place I went to in Indonesia was north of the equator.

6. I have been through a number of earthquakes in Taiwan. The 9-21 earthquake was the biggest.

7. I still have a baby tooth. There is no permanent tooth so the baby tooth has stayed there.

8. I won a prize for growing the most unusual shaped pumpkin when I was in elementary school. I grew it is a frame. That was from the FFA - Future Farmers of America. That makes me laugh as now I would much rather live in the city.

9. Along the line of prizes I won -- I won a speech contest in high school for humorous speech, 2nd place that time.

10. I once sang at the Ritz in Taipei. Okay, so it was karaoke and as I was a foreigner they wanted me to do it. The things they get foreigners to do.

That is about all the random thoughts I have. I need to go and clean the house and cook dinner.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Praying for the Heart - A Courageous Heart

Pray for a Courageous Heart

Heroes are often courageous. Sometimes a hero is someone who steps in and does what no one else is doing. Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fears, or difficulty. The origin of the word comes from Old French corage meaning heart, innermost feelings, temper. Courage comes from within.

The spies were told to be courageous. They were facing a future full of unknowns, and they felt fear as went to spy out the Promised Land. They needed courage. The charge to Joshua as he was beginning the task of leading the people of Israel included “Be strong and courageous” as well as a promise that “the Lord is with you.”  (Joshua 1:9)

So a courageous heart is courageous in the things that God has called us to do. A courageous heart does not turn back because of fear, but follows God’s calling.

At times it takes courage to do hard things, to go against the crowd, to do what is right. Joseph of Arimathea took courage and asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Daniel’s request to the king took courage. Esther needed courage to approach Ahasuerus asking to spare the lives of the Jews. Nehemiah had the courage to ask the king for time to go and help in rebuilding the walls. John the Baptist was preaching a message of repentance and called even the religious leaders to repent—and that took courage.

We need courage to obey God and go, to share the truth, to do what is right. The courage comes from the strength that God gives.

A courageous heart knows what God is asking him to do and trusts God for the strength to do it.

What are the hard things that God is asking you to do? We need courage for both big and little things.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Giveaway - UK Residents

I have been reading blogs and seeing all the back to school giveaways. I  look and think how fun it would be to win and dream of how I would use the things in the giveaway but then I see the two little words, US Residents.

Well, I decided that those of us in the UK needed to have a fun back to school giveaway.

I love school supplies. Crayons with points, sharpened pencils ready for math, and fresh notebooks. I pulled a few school supplies to include in the giveaway.

Some crayons, coloured pencils, markers, some bookmarks, a little notebook, some washi tape, and an oilcloth pouch.

We go on some outings and one of the things that we use are our sandwich wraps. These are so easy to use, just put the sandwich on the cloth and then wrap it up and close with the velcro. I have included two sandwich wraps that I made in the giveaway.

The sandwich wraps are large and small. There is no plastic, just use and wash and use again.

So this giveaway is open to UK residents. Leave me a comment telling me about some place educational, historical, or just fun that you enjoy taking your children to for an outing. I need some ideas of fun places to go.

Comments will be open until Thursday evening 7:00 pm. I will then draw a random number for the giveaway.

This is now closed. The winner is comment #8, Sarah.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014


We decided to go on a hike today. My children enjoy doing new things and places but I have also learned that they like the familiar. When J and I looked at the map to decided where to hike he picked the area where we had stayed in May.

We have a very detailed map of the park that includes the public footpaths. A hike to J means going straight up a mountain. His family is not always able to hike that way. He found a path that went up a mountain. We decided to try it.

There are footpaths all around. There are gates and steps to get over. These are designed to keep the farm animals from wandering from one field to another.

Last night Miss K did not want to go. She kept asking if she could stay home or stay in the car. Then this morning on the way she said, "I love hiking." I did say I was going to remember that. She did ask for a piggyback ride but did quite a bit of hiking as well. Here she is climbing over the fence. She enjoyed that climbing.

The weather has been cool and a bit rainy but today was beautiful. It was warm and didn't rain. The feels were so green.

It was a hike up the hill but it was gradual enough that we didn't notice that we were going up the hill.

We walked along amid the sheep in the fields. Miss K greeted them as we passed, "hello, Shaun".  I think she might have watched too many episodes of Shaun the Sheep.

Miss K did get a bit of a piggyback ride. Her brother does love her and will give her a ride as long as she doesn't hold on too tight.

We saw a number of fields of heather. It took Miss K a bit of time to understand that Heather can be a person and it can be a flower.

It was a nice hike. We didn't quite make it to the top but that was fine. We did get a nice view of the valley and get some good exercise.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Week in Review - August 22, 2014

The week the kids did sports camps.

We started back to school last week. We had a break which I think we all needed but we were ready to get back to school and that routine.

I love my new planner. There are no coffee spills (generally the rule is coffee is to be in a travel mug if it is near books) and the pages are not wrinkled. It is still my favourite planner.

This year we are using Mystery of History Volume III. We started with the War of the Roses and today we read about Portuguese explorers Bartolomeeu Dias and Vasco da Gama.

J is doing First Form Latin. I can't decide if he likes it or just puts up with it. He did tell me this week that I should review his vocabulary words with him throughout the day.

I am switching back and forth for Miss K's math. I feel like Saxon has somethings that I think would benefit her but I also like Math-U-See. Hopefully this will work for her.

This Tuesday to Thursday the kids did a sports camp. Miss K did football (soccer) and enjoyed it though she had a bit of a cold. She just stayed for the morning which was enough for her.

J decided that he wanted to try something new, gymnastics. I was proud of him for trying something new. I had originally signed him up for a half day but he didn't want to come home as he was enjoying it so he did the full day program.

The kids had a short performance on Thursday showing some of the things that they had learned.

J has been a climber. Usually he is climbing trees but found something new to climb, the ropes. He made it halfway up only using his arms.

Today was back to school or maybe I should say back to routine and the book learning. This is what the table looked like when we paused for lunch -- Saxon Math, Latin, Miss K's Frozen watercolour book, my planner and some other things all crowded the table.

That wraps up our week here. We are enjoying getting back to the books.

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