Monday, July 13, 2009

Turning 5

Once upon a time, 5 years ago, in another country, Taiwan, a little girl, Miss K, was born. It is hard to believe that it was 5 years ago that she was born. Yesterday we were together with grandparents and cousins cause Uncle J and Aunt J and cousin R were in town. Miss K loves the sandbox or a dirt pile she will dig and dig for hours. We decided she wants to dig her way back to China. Her cake was a sandbox and her gift was a sandbox.

Reading a card with grandma. She would try to get them out and say "help, help"

Here she is 5 years ago. She was so tiny. We didn't know her the way we do today. The way she makes us laugh as she asks, "have fun" when she sees you. The way she can spot a Starbucks a mile away and say "coffee". Yes, we are having fun.

This was about the best picture we have. Maybe, hopefully, Aunt C, got a good one but she is speeding her way out west and so it will be some time until we get those pictures.

Miss K and grandma both had pink tops on so we had to get a picture together.

Happy Birthday, Miss K.

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