Sunday, March 21, 2010

World Down Syndrome Day

3/21 = World Down Syndrome Day - It is simple the 21st chromosome has an extra chromosome along with that is extra fun, stubbornness, and a few other things. Here are some reflections for this year. I think I will just interview myself.

This is the youngest picture that I have of her that I will share. That was the night before the heart cath.

What is one of the fun things about having a Down Syndrome child? Miss K keeps us laughing. It might be what she says or do but with her around there is probably a laugh there as well. Like when she wanted to wear her yellow pj's to bed except she doesn't have any.

What is one of the hardest things? She is stubborn which is good. It was that stubborn streak that kept her fighting for her life the night the doctor told us she wasn't going to make it but it is that same stubbornness that you deal with when she wants to wear her yellow pj's or allow mama to put her to bed when she wants daddy.

What is Miss K's favorite thing to do? That is easy - watch, which is her way of saying watch DVD. She likes to watch Chinese, Bernstein Bears, Bob the Builder, Veggie Tales, Annie and a few other things.

What does she like to eat? She really is a good eater. She is like her mama and likes chips, French Fries, and pretzels. She loves meatloaf and icing.

How is she developing? When I look back on her milestones, she hit most of them at the end of normal range. Her speech is a bit delayed but she will say, "mama, help me" or " what you doing?" She is walking and jumping. She has learned to use scissors both the good and the bad -- she did cut her own hair. She is amazing in what she does know. She can count in both English and Chinese, she knows colors, letters and letter sounds, shapes, and still can read most of the words that we worked on years ago.

It is amazing to she what she has learned and I look forward to what she will learn as she continues to grow.

The post recent picture is below, yesterday at Rita's. She has grown in the last 5 1/2 years about 25 pounds and about 12 inches.

So today we celebrate Down Syndrome Day and Miss K.

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