Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yesterday we took the children to see Joseph. I have seen Noah and Ruth but this was the first time for both the children and my husband to see something here. Okay, I also remember going there when I was a child and seeing Disney movies. We used to call it the Christian movie theater. The kids did great. When it started and again after the intermission, Miss K got a bit restless and wanted to go to the "big van" but she settled on my lap and watched. She had the brochure and told us it was Joseph. When we asked her what she saw she said "stars, camels". The animals add some fun for the kids (one of the animals even did his business in the aisle and the ushers had to clean it up). J loved it and at intermission said that he knew what was coming because he knew the story. It really does make the Bible come alive.

I alway love the story of Joseph the theme of forgiveness and also that God had a plan. It looked like that plan might have died in the pit or in Egypt or maybe after being stuck in prison for so many years forgotten by the one he helped but God had a plan and was working. What a great reminder for me. I have had plans and how I thought things should work out but God has changed those plans. I need to continue to submit to God and trust that in all he is working out his plan which is even more than I can imagine.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma B for giving us this opportunity. We enjoyed our afternoon.

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  1. I've been wanting to see this, we just haven't had a chance to get there.



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