Thursday, March 24, 2011

Princeton, NJ

For some reason J thinks going to NJ is fun. I remember once he asked "what language do they speak there?" I think the idea of states and the fact that people speak the same language in another state is something that he is still getting used to. We headed to Princeton to meet with some friends. The weather was nice and so we walked around town.

J tried to read the newspaper.

We went in the Yankee Doodle Tap Room and saw an original Norman Rockwell. It is fun when you have studied something and then later you learn what they remember.

We enjoyed wandering to The Princeton Cemetery which was called "Westminster Abbey of the United States". My friend from the UK wondered where the abbey was. We did get to see Jonathan Edwards' grave.

I find it interesting to walk through cemeteries - reading what is written on tombstones, wondering about the person's life and in this case seeing a bit of history.

It was a fun afternoon and the weather was great. We had wonderful tour guides who live there and were able to share a bit of the town with us. Miss K was there, stuck in a stroller most of the time.

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