Monday, April 4, 2011

Benjamin West

We read the book Benjamin West and his cat Grimalkin. It was a fun story and we enjoyed going a-leafing on a warm autumn afternoon and finding clay to use to color the pictures and sitting by the fire on a cold evening. The book was written in such a way that we felt we were doing those things. Of course, it adds a bit to the story when you say, "when we go to Goodwill we pass were Benajamin West was born." Then we pause as we read about him going to Philadelphia as I try to explain "you know the main road we drive on all the time, I think that is probably the road he took or maybe the road in front of Target that goes to the city." While we read, the children color some pictures that Benjamin West had painted.

So today we enjoyed the warmer weather and the fact that Miss K didn't have therapy and we took a drive to Square Tavern.

It is open on Saturdays in July and August but we knocked on the front door and walked around.

J said the building looked new.

Benjamin was a Quaker and painting was not an approved living. According to the story the first thing he drew was so remarkable that his family was amazed. He made color from the clay on the river. As we walked around the house we saw the river nearby. He then went on to be the President of the Royal Academy in London.

He didn't stop at the meetinghouse where he worshiped. We drive past that when we go to Target. Someday we will have to stop and take some pictures. I was surprised that it is about 5 miles between the two places.

We are enjoying studying American history here where it all began.

Update -- September 2015 we went to Buckingham Palace and had saw some of the Benjamin West paintings that were hanging there. I remembered all that we had read about previously. Sometimes I think the homeschool moms get as much of a re-education as the children get an education.

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