Saturday, June 4, 2011


I signed up with Kids Bowl Free and got the family deal so I can bowl with them. I picked the bowling alley near our house and then discovered that they have Dragon Lanes which works great for Miss K. Miss K is not the child to sit and watch life go by, no she is watching and wants to be do what everyone else is doing. I was afraid that if she didn't have help pushing the ball down the lane we would be rescuing her ball everytime. The dragon took care of that problem. It gave enough of a ramp that she could push the ball and She even got a spare.

She would push the ball and then stand there and watch.

When her turn was over, we would just push the dragon to the side.

She was very independent. Most of the time she would not push the ball until I was sitting. She would allow her brother to help.

By the second game J was beginning to learn a bit. He also learned that he really should have a size 6 ball. He had been using a heavier one and just couldn't really hold it.

I told the kids that we were having fun and we would keep track of our scores and see how we improve this summer.

K bowled 75 and then 58. J bowled 84 and then 80. I bowled 129 and then 126.

It was fun. The kids enjoyed it and even told me they enjoyed it. And you thought we bowled so we could wear the shoes. Nope it is called PE.

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