Friday, July 22, 2011

A four hour cruise

For the past few year a friend has told that her favorite place in China was Guilin. We have seen pictures and it has been on our list of places that we would like to visit. We were able to go there this year. We took a four or more hour cruise on the Li River.

We started out in Guilin. There must be hundreds of tour boats that go down the river everyday.

This is the area that has inspired Chinese artists for hundreds of years.

We had just been in Yunnan in an area with mountains and it was interesting to be in Guilin and compare. The mountains here were more individual.

It was hot and I forgot to pack sunscreen. Chinese don't wear it so we could buy it.

I think the heat made it a bit hazy. I wonder what it would look like on a very clear day.

J was busy taking pictures and looking at all he could find. We saw some mountain goats and water buffalo.
This is called Nine Painted Horses. The Chinese always seem to have a poetic name for things. If you look closely you can see nine painted horses. How many do you see? I saw one and then when we were looking at our pictures the other day I was able to see another one. I have seven more to find.

The whole family was there. We were able to find someone to take a picture. Yes, it was hot. We got off the boat and had to walk a bit to get to the van. It was hot, there were hawkers there trying to sell things. Some lady was offering us a good price, a special price just for us on a photo book. We didn't buy it but rather printed our own 100 plus photos to look at. Actually, we didn't print all 100 just some.

It was a fun trip and I am glad that we were able to do it. This was one of the highlights of the trip for us.

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