Sunday, February 5, 2012

"By self"

That is what Miss K says when she wants to do something herself. She has gotten to be more independent recently -- daddy said she has always been independent. She decided she wanted a sleepover and told her brother to bring his sleeping bag, pj's and suitcase. It would be on Friday night. She kept looking at the calendar and pointing to Friday and saying that is when the sleepover was happening.

Well, the other day she found a "before and after" puzzle cards and wanted to do those "by self". She had seen in it a basket when I was getting math manipulatives. Her memory is amazing. She remembered them later and so we got them out.

She did them "by self".

She was quite proud of what she did and I was as well.

It was a fun fine motor activity as well as thinking activity. I love when she finds something like that for herself and enjoys it.

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