Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Queen Hatsheput

We were eating lunch and the discussion was about who Alexander the Great married. Daddy and mama said he didn't marry but J was sure he did and went and found the book we had gotten from the library. He flipped and flipped through the book until he found that. Yeah! for getting books out of the library and even more Yeah knowing that my son reads them.

Miss K didn't want to be left out of the conversation so she says what comes to her mind, "Hatsheput". I listened and realized that she had been paying attention as we have been reading our sailing history. Maybe not that much attention because when I asked what country she was queen of she replied, "England". Maybe she was stuck on England because Daddy had just returned from England. Daddy didn't know who that was. J was able to tell us that she was an Egyptian queen who because a trade route on the Nile River. Yes!

We have very interesting lunchtime discussions at our house.

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