Friday, February 15, 2013

Delivering a Heart Attack

February 14 is a double holiday here at our house--Valentine's Day and Daddy's birthday. We usually try to combine the two in celebrations for the day. This year we combined moving and being sick and so not much happened for the day. I do like to do something fun looking forward to the day. I know it is a Hallmark holiday but it is a good chance to just focus on love. That didn't happen this year with everything else that is happening.

So last minute today I decided that we should deliver some heart attacks.

We cut out hearts, got the tape, and bought a treats. I will add that at 1:00 on Valentine's Day there is not much candy left at the grocery store and they already have Easter Candy on display. I did decide that we would not buy Easter candy as I didn't want to confuse the celebration. We then drove to the first house. I am not sure how quiet we were but I know that they don't use the front door as much as I figured we were a bit safe. As we were getting in the van to drive away, we did see the person come out the basement door on the side of the house. The kids had fun laughing and hoping that we weren't caught.

Our next house was one we probably should have hit in the morning when they were all busy doing schoolwork. We drove past but could not stop as one of the boys was outside in the front yard. Our van was spotted. We drove around the block, the boy was gone but the front door was still open. We went home and decided to go back later.

Later was safe. We parked in front of the neighbors and J ran up to the door with his hearts and treat bag.

IMG_1809I did have to explain to the girls walking down the street what we were doing, just delivering a heart attack. Then Miss K ran up there. I think her heart landed on the ground.

IMG_1810She knew what to do -- put it there and run.

We really should have made more hearts but again it was last minute and I impressed myself enough that I was able to find a bit of pink and red paper.

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  1. What a fun idea! I remember one year when I was single, a sweet friend gave me some Valentines goodies. I should try to do that next year.



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