Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our week has been full of meetings and we have not had much time for other things. The kids did go on a few outings to a water park and the science center. J didn't take his camera so I don't have any photos.

We decided this afternoon to go out for a very local snack -- ice cream sandwiches. I know you might be wondering what makes that local and different.

First of all the flavors of ice cream, make it a bit of a local treat.

Some of the flavors include yam, red bean, sweet corn, and durian as well as flavors we know chocolate, mint chocolate chip, raspberry ripple.

Second having it on bread and not a cookie wafer is different. You can then decide if you want the sandwich in bread or in wafers which are like the wafers in wafer cookies. When you order, they dig the ice cream flavor out of the cooler and cut off a piece for you.

Another things that makes it local is that these people just sell on the sidewalk. They have a cooler cart with an umbrella and just make them and sell them to people walking along the sidewalk.  It was a busy place this afternoon and I think there were four people working there. Three of us got ours on bread. I decided that the bread helped to soak up some of the melting ice cream especially as Miss K is not always the fastest eater.

J had raspberry ripple. He said it was the best ice cream ever and even asked for a 2nd one. 

The bread is colored. It does take a bit to get used to the idea of eating pink and green bread.

Miss K enjoyed hers.

Daddy enjoyed his durian ice cream. He likes durian but I can smell it even when it is in the freezer so he doesn't get it often.

It was a fun afternoon outing and a delicious treat.

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if my kiddos would go for that style of ice cream sandwich? Mint chocolate chip would be a favored choice here.

  2. I love it! There are often ice cream carts alongside the road and cars will stop and get ice cream before continuing on their journeys here. It's pretty crazy! :-)



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