Monday, March 3, 2014

Math Update

I wrote an update on Math-U-See Alpha Math in October. Since that was almost 5 months ago, I thought it was time to give another update. We are just about finished the addition section.

I continue to like Math-U-See. There are times that Miss K does not want to use the blocks but being the mom that I am there are times that I make her use the blocks. If it is facts that I think she should know I won't force the blocks. I can tell that the blocks do help her processing and thinking.

Getting her to do more than one page is a challenge. A page is about 8 to 10 problems. The lesson is really designed to be two pages. Considering that there are 12 pages to each lesson that takes us quite some time to work through a lesson.

It is slow. Sometimes slow is good and sometimes slow is not good. In this case I think we are going too slow and things are being forgotten.

Looking back maybe we should have pushed knowing the facts for the lesson before moving on but then the concern is would we have moved on.

We are taking a bit of Math-U-See break and switching to Horizon's Grade 1 book and using the Math Review Box.  The Horizon's book is giving some of the principles that she needs to know from a slightly different angle. This is also introducing some new concepts as well.

Learning to count with tally marks.

Does she have the ability to learn her math facts? I don't know. She is able to remember all kinds of information so until proven otherwise I am going to push and she what she can learn. The other day she got almost all the problems that we were reviewing correct. Then today she was forgetting them.

One of the things that I like about Saxon is the calendar. Since our Saxon is in our shipment I had been writing some things that I wanted her to copy or fill-in. I have switched and have her copy some of the facts. It is math copywork.

At times I do question and wonder if I should have done something different in teaching her. Maybe we should have had the math review box a year ago. Maybe I should have used something else? You know all those second guessing questions.

At this time we are taking  break from Math-U-See, working on learning the facts, and moving through Horitzons.

That is math with Miss K. Some days for me it does involved banging my head on the table not literally but figuratively. This is where it is slow and steady and look for progress.

Any tips for learning math facts?

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  1. We are struggling in math, dd 7 w/ds. Not sure of our direction yet. Doing some horizons K and just focusing on counting and keeping in numbers in order. She barely learned to count to ten in the school system, so we're homeschooling. I'm overwhelmed with all the stuff she needs to learn but trying to keep it simple. We are having success in phonics and reading. Following you. thanks

  2. This is our hard area too. When I first started I scheduled math right before lunch and he was so zoned out at that time that we switched it to be our first activity for the day. I started Math U See Alpha in January and love the whole block concept.. In school they were teaching him touch math and it wasn't working very well,plus I wanted to get away from counting on his fingers. So we started from the beginning and it is so frustrating. He was having a hard time understanding the 0,well he finally got it and now we are moving onto the ones next week. I wonder if I am going to slow but I want to make sure he masters each fact. It takes alot of repetition. The worst is when he will get 9 problems right and then give me the wrong answer for the tenth.Ugh do I go on. But I love to hear him read 3 digit numbers. Beth do you know of a good web sight like Reading Eggs that will also work at a slow pace and support what we are teaching them? It helps me so much to know we are not alone. Thank you Beth for all your thoughts and encouragement.
    .Christine McGrew



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