Wednesday, May 14, 2014

C is for Cottage in the Country

Do I get extra points for having two words that begin with C in the title?

We needed a place to stay for the week as we wait for the credit check. We wanted to be close to where we will be living so we could do some shopping and also get familiar with the area. The suggestion was a holiday cottage in the national park. We spent some time online looking for cottages then my husband began calling and contacting places. We found a place that was available for the week.

This was some of the roads on the way to the cottage.

God provided. We ate dinner in the village the other evening and when we told them where we were staying they said that place is usually filled from March to October so God was good in providing for us.

We are close to the city where we will live so we have been to church there though I stayed home with a sick child. Everyone was very welcoming and my husband met a home school family and learned there are about three home school families in the church.

This is looking out the window as we drove from our new house back to the cottage.

There are a number of hiking trails and also public footpaths. The other night Bob and I decided to walk one of the public footpaths. We climbed down the narrow steps and when I say narrow I mean about 25 inches. We then walked across the field with the sheep grazing next to us. We did have to be careful where we stepped. There was a bit of a path but really it was just some signposts along the way that said, footpath. We crossed through two fields climbing over the walls and through the gates. It was a fun adventure. It was a bit wet and muddy. I think hiking boots are on our list of things to buy. 

We hear the sheep from the cottage. Miss K came in last evening to tell me there were lots of sheep. 

We hear the rooster and have seen the chickens. The other morning the owner came over and brought us these.

These are called fresh eggs as they were still warm. We have enjoyed eggs for breakfast.

We are enjoying our time here at the cottage in the country.



  1. There is nothing like an English cottage in the English countryside. I love my country!

  2. I have always thought England very beautiful, though I know all that green comes with a lot of clouds and rain. I lived there once when I was three years old (not that I remember). My parents divorced while my dad was stationed there. Most of the classic novels I read are placed in England, it seems.

    God is so wonderful and in several ways he provided so beautifully for you there. Praise God for all this beauty after the long wait! I am loving all your posts!

  3. Sounds heavenly, maybe a bit too rainy, though. :)
    I'm glad you found some home schooling families!!



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