Tuesday, December 30, 2014

National Railway Museum

We headed to York today. I told you it is J's favourite city and that was one place that he wanted to take our friend who has been visiting. This time we took the train. That was easy except for the fact that our train was canceled on the return but we were able to get on the next train about 45 minutes later and we even got seats.

This time we decided to go to the National Railway Museum which claims to be the greatest railway museum. I have to say that it was quite impressive. We walked in and there were all kinds of engines and railcars.

The museum claims to have over 1,000,000 items and I think that is the case though we did not see all of them. One area was called the Warehouse and it was just filled with all kinds of interesting items includes desks, lamps, silver items, all things relating to trains.

There was a Pullman car which was quite fancy.

This was in the Flying Scotsman. The Flying Scotsman was the train between Edinburgh and London that began in 1860.

There were a few places on the wall where it was filled with various plaques from trains and stations.

Here is proof that we were there.

We then walked through the city. It was different to see the Minster in the winter without leaves on the trees.

We walked across the Lendal Bridge and this is the Lendal Tower which has been next to the River Ouse since about 1300. York is full of history.

York is one of our favourite cities. I think we are on our way to visiting it each season -- summer, autumn, and now winter. We did enjoy our day in York and saw some new things this time.

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