Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quilting Record

I am sure that others have done this before. I am sure that others have done this faster but for me this was a quilting record.

Normally the process of a quilt for me is buy the fabric and allow it to sit in a box for a few years while I ponder the pattern, find the time, and get the courage to make the first cuts. When I finally cut the pieces then that needs to rest, a bit like dough needs to rest before you bake it. Well, then slowly over the weeks or months I assemble the pieces to begin to look like a quilt. After a year has past and the quilt is still not finished, I might add a border, find some fabric for the backing, and finally a year or two after beginning and five years after buying the fabric, I quilt it. Then a few weeks later I finish the binding. So five or so years after purchasing the fabric, I have a finished quilt.

Now for the quilting record. Pay attention to days and timing. It might go a bit fast. I should have take photos along the way but I was too busy setting the quilting record that I didn't have time to pause and document that even.

Friday afternoon my husband said that some former teammates were going to be in town the next week and coming for dinner on Thursday. Friday afternoon I was in the attic looking for some fabric to make a zipped pouch, just to be creative. There I spied some fabric, this was a puppy dog print in double wide jelly roll. The fabric had been around for a few years. Last year I had looked at it thought of making a quilt for our teammates baby but didn't do it before his birth. So I decided I had almost a week, I could make a quilt.

Friday afternoon I began cutting and sewing. Then my husband says, "I need to go out of town on Thursday so they will come on Tuesday." I had two less days for my already quilt record but I was up for a challenge.

Saturday I sewed and finished the quilt top. Next was to quilt it. I might just finish this on time. I managed to have it quilted by Sunday and sewed the binding on. All that needed to be done was hand sewing the binding. I know I could make it faster by machine sewing the binding but I just have not done that much so I opted for the hand bit.

I worked on the binding on Monday. Tuesday morning I still have half of the binding to finish. I took it with me to a friend's house and while we sat and chatted, I sewed. I still had a bit to finish but managed to finish around 4:00 so I had time to make dinner before they arrived at 5:00.

I did it began cutting on Friday afternoon and by Tuesday afternoon I had a finished quilt.

Do you want to see the other record that I set?

My scraps from this project. There was some of the yellow backing but that was left from another project so it doesn't totally count as scraps from this project. You know what that will go in my sewing machine cover pocket and be used when I need to check the tension.

I did it. In just four days I made a quilt. It might take some time until I set another quilting record.

How long does it take you to finish a project?

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