Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Day in London

I don't think you can do London in a day. What we have tended to do it a day there here and there. 

I have a friend that lives just a short train ride from London. We have not seen her and her family for almost 10 months so we decided to down for a few days. Wednesday on our drive south it rained almost the whole time. I was concerned about the weather on Thursday. We rode the train into London. We had backed our waterproof jackets but left the umbrella at home. 

We arrived near the London Eye. Our plan was to ride the ferry to the Tower and spend most of the day there. 

I think this was the first time to take the ferry on the Thames. There are parts of the city that you can see so much better from the river. We got the ferry across from Westminster Pier.

The ferry company is not an official tour ferry but they will talk and tell you bits about what you are seeing along the river.

Our destination was The London Tower. It has been 18 years since I was there. For me it has been helpful as we have been studying British history to go and visit. We just finished with Richard III and the tower princes.

We spent about four hours at the Tower we did get to see most it but there were a few sections that we didn't see. This is the room where Walter Raleigh was kept as a prisoner.

We enjoyed a tour which helped to explain so much of the history. This was not our tour guide but another beefeater.

As we rode along the Thames, we saw the Globe. Not the original but rebuilt.

Along the river are the lions. Our tour guide might not be a professional tour guide but we did learn bits during our trip. One thing we learned is a little rhyme.

 “When the lions drink, London will sink. 
When it’s up to their manes, we’ll go down the drains.”

Cleopatra's Needle which was from Egypt. The twin of this one is in Central Park in New York City.

We made it back to Westminster Pier.

It was a fun day. We still have lots of places on our list of things to do in London. We ate Pret for dinner and got a train home. I think everyone was tired on the train.

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