Saturday, October 15, 2016


I don't know if you can go to France and not go to Paris. This was the first trip to France for my husband and Miss K. The second campground was near Paris and had a bus that went there once a week so we decided that was the way to go.

We arrived and started walking. We had looked at a map and had a plan for the day. The first thing we were going to see was the Arc de Triomphe.

I had been checking the weather all week and it looked like it was to be a nice day. When we arrived it was overcast and cloudy. I was afraid we might buy umbrellas as souvenirs.

There is something magical about the first sighting of the Eiffel Tower.

Looking at these photos you can tell that it was overcast. Wait until you see what it looked like later in the day.

We had picked up some tourist information at the campground. One of the things we saw was Bato Bus, a boat that is a hop-on, hop-off. We decided that was a good way to get around and be able to see somethings while we are getting around. Our first stop was Notre Dame but before we walked t the cathedral we needed to find some lunch.

Aunt Bec had been telling Miss K all about crocque monsieur. So that is what Miss K ordered.
J and I had savoury crepes.

After lunch, while dad was working with phones and iPad to check-in for our flights which had to be done or we would pay extra, we went to the souvenir shop. Miss K got a snow globe and J a pack of cards. I bought an ornament. I went in a shop and bought 4 postcards for 80¢. I should have bought more there but that would defeat the project this summer of getting rid of postcards.

We wandered across the bridge to Notre Dame. We saw the pigeons and looked at the building. We decided not to take the time to go inside.

We walked along the side of the building as we headed back to the boat.

Our next stop was to get off at the Louvre.  We didn't have time to go inside and honestly I think before we visit we need to do some studying and planning so we know what is there and what we want to see. We took a break and had a drink at Starbucks.

Notice the colour of the sky. It was beginning to clear up and we did see blue sky. We got on the boat again and decided that we didn't have time to stop other places and so we headed back to the Eiffel Tower.

We took some more photos and then began our walk back to the bus. We were looking for a bakery to buy some dinner. We found one and had delicious sandwiches before boarding the bus.

It was a fun day and an overview of the city.

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