Monday, April 3, 2017

The A-Z Praying for Missionaries - Part 3

This is Part 3 of A-Z Praying for Missionaries. Here is Part 1 and here is Part 2.

We are working through the alphabet with things to different things to pray about for missionaries. We are now at the end of the alphabet and that does require a bit of creativity.

P is for protection - Driving in some countries is not as safe as at home. Driving laws are not enforced or don't exist so it can be taking your safety in your own hands. Depending on where the missionary is living there can be other safety things that are not the same standards that they are used to at home.

Q is for quiet time - Pray that the quiet time will be a time of refreshing and renewing them.

R is for rest. It is easy to be busy and hard to rest. Pray that there will be times of rest so that they can be refreshed for service.

S is for strength - Pray that the missionary will have renewed strength. (Isaiah 40:31) You can easily get weary with day in and day out things. God promises to give strength so pray for strength.

T is for temptations - Pray against temptations. Pray that the missionary will not give in to temptations.

U is for unity - Pray for unity within the team they are working with. Pray for unity with the local churches. The enemy wants to pull teams and individuals to disunity. Pray that they will have love and unity.

V is for Visa - Visas can be difficult depending on the country. Pray for provision of a visa. Pray for funds for a visa. The cost of paperwork or traveling to get a visa and add up.

W is for Warfare - Spiritual warfare. We have an enemy and he will try to stop or discourage the spread of the gospel.

X is for excellence - it is easy to just do what needs to be done but we need to work with excellence as a goal.

Y is for yielding to the Lord - sometimes missionaries are in places that they know it is where God wants them but it might not be where they want to be. Pray that they will yield to the Lord trusting that the place he has them is the best place for them.

Z is for zeal - personal zeal for God and zeal for the calling. It can be tiring and difficult but the God and what he has called us to do can keep us motivated.

Partner in the work by praying.

When you pray for a missionary, drop a note/email/text/message however yo communicate with them. Let them know. It will encourage them.

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