Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hard at Work

I bought a new cookbook with my Christmas money. I don't think I really needed a new cookbook but I had heard wonderful reviews and so I bought America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. This evening I made Chicken Potpie from it. Miss K just wanted to "watch" and that is not watching me but watch DVD's so I put her on the counter where she couldn't escape while I peeled the carrots and then chopped the celery, carrots, and onions. She doesn't like to me left out of anything and so it was "Miss K's turn".

She did a good job peeling the carrots. She was quite upset when there were no more carrots to peel. I did allow her to stir the vegetables while they were sauteing. She knows the stove is hot and is careful.

She knew I had the camera and she was trying hard to smile. I know with those striped pj's she looks a bit like she escaped.

Here is the chicken potpie before it when in the oven.

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