Sunday, February 21, 2010

The lost lost tooth

Miss K lost her first tooth. Did you hear my baby lost her tooth? First of all, I need to say that Miss K had a full mouth of baby teeth which is good considering that often children with Down Syndrome can have missing teeth, crowding teeth, or gaps. We knew that she needed to lose the teeth because we could see the big tooth (I just can't call it an adult tooth because she is only 5 and wearing size 3T clothing that is too small for adult teeth.) coming in behind the baby tooth. On Thursday she went to the dentist for the first time (I know she should have gone when she was 3 or so but we just got around to it.) By the way, the dentist said her teeth look good. She didn't get them cleaned because we forgot that she should have gotten an antibiotic because of her heart. Anyway the dentist said to just wiggle the baby tooth to help it out and if it doesn't come in a reasonable time, come back. I had no clue what a reasonable time was but thankfully didn't have to worry about that. We wiggled it a bit on Thursday evening. Friday, I was running errands and the kids and daddy were eating dinner before I got home. At dinner that night the tooth came out. I dropped on the floor and that is the last that was seen of the tooth. So we have a lost lost tooth.

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  1. Wow! Alexander hasn't lost a tooth yet. He's a bit jealous since a lot of his classmates have. They have a "lost tooth" bulletin board at school. I have heard that losing them later is a good thing, however. I hope Christopher doesn't lose one first - you know how competitive brothers can be.



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