Tuesday, May 11, 2010

She knows where she is going.

Miss K has a sense of direction and observes what is going on around here. I have thought that for some time. I remember when we lived in HKG. We would ride the bus and normally went to the train station and if we were not going to the train station I would have to tell her because she would want to get off there. She can find her way home but we learned how much she does understand. On Sunday after a 8 days of staying in a new house in a new city she went in the car with daddy to get gas. Daddy missed a turn to come home as GPS was already packed to come home and Miss K was there to tell him "no, daddy, turn". She might not always have the words to say but she does know what is going on.

I don't really think she wants to go to space. This past airplane trip became the trip that she decided she doesn't like flying. I guess after flying all over the place for 5 years she decided enough of that flying. Don't tell her we are going on a plane next month.

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