Thursday, May 6, 2010

The rained stopped

and so we decided to go ahead and go up the Space Needle. That was the big thing on J's list of things he wanted to do in Seattle. Now before you think that I am such a wonderful teacher teaching him all about this he learned about it from one of the Little Einstein's where June loses her balloons and they go to the Space Needle and almost pop on the needle.

We got to the top and Miss K said, "down". She said the same thing when the plane took off. While Daddy and J walked around outside Miss K and I went in and found a snack and sat. Chips always make everything better. She then decided that it was fun up there. She went out and turned around giving me her best smile so I could take her picture.

One more look at the city. Well, it wasn't night and it wasn't July and I think it was colder.

It was July 7 years ago at the top of the Space Needle that my husband proposed.

Do you want to see me? There I am. I got a new camera for mother's day a bit early. We are traveling this summer and I needed a new camera.

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