Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saxon Math

As I got ready to start math this year with Miss K, I considered using Numicon which is something from the UK used for Down Syndrome children, I thought about Math-U-See, I priced Touch Math but decided that I need to start with what I have. I have Saxon Math K. That worked great because Miss K thought the K was for her. "K's math!" We might just have to change Saxon Math 1 to 1K. We started math the beginning of June and then went on vacation but have been working on a lesson every day or so. At this level there is no workbook so it does not require writing. As we work through this, I am thrilled that she is getting it. Saxon might not be considered special needs math but we are working through it and at some point I might need to find something else.

I have tried sequencing with her in the past and she just didn't seem to get it. Saxon has you color the calendar every day in a pattern. That has helped her except she does have a bit of a free spirit and want to add other colors but I guide her. We were working on sequencing the other day. She loves to make "ovies" (I don't know why she drops the m but I correct it and we go on). So I let her make a movie.

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