Monday, November 21, 2011

Fire Safety

Fire safety is the one big thing that evaluators look for in your portfolio. I know it so I know to make sure we do something related to fire safety and have it recorded in the portfolio. One year I just printed some things from a few websites. We colored and had some pages to include in the portfolio. Last year I just picked up some things including hats when I went to vote.

The year the fire marshall was invited to our Classical Conversations. I was sure to be there with my camera so I have pictures to include in the portfolio. It was a good presentation and then the students were able to see the fire truck and a fire fighter in uniform. I liked how they showed the children all of uniform so if in an emergency they would not be afraid. They actually had one of the moms put the uniform on.

I have a number of cards for my camera. The interesting thing as I was taking pictures was to see the first old picture on the camera.

That picture was taken almost three years ago. It was open house at the fire station in our town where we lived in Hong Kong. You see how much he has grown.


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  1. J is getting so big! It sounds like homeschooling in your state requires quite a bit of documentation. Is that true?



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