Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"What is it?"

That was the question J asked as he was pulling things out of a bag that Grandma had brought the night before. Grandma was cleaning out and I inherited some things -- a pink dress that I wore when I was a baby (my husband really wondered if I was that small), another dress that came from Mexico and this which caused the question. I laughed knowing right away what it was.

Once upon a time it was soft, clean, and pink. Once upon a time I dragged it around until it was no longer pink or soft or clean. I was a Linus. I had a blanket. Everybody needs a little bit of security. "What is it?" My blanket.

Now it is remembered here and I think we can get rid of it. There really is nothing to keep. I will have to find a picture of when it was soft, clean, and pink.

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