Friday, December 30, 2011

Artist Study - Winslow Homer

As we study American history I thought it would be good to read a bit about Winslow Homer. I found a book at the library. I admit it has been on our pile for quite some time and since it is due about on Monday after already being renewed at least once I decided it was time to read it. After a bit of reading, I gave J the assignment to pick a picture in the book and to draw it/copy it. I heard, I can't do it." To which I reply, "I didn't ask you if you could, I told you to do it." We have conversations like that at times.

He got his clipboard and a pencil and went to work.

I was very impressed and told him he did a great job and that I knew he could do it. He had found an illustration in the book and copied it. He did a great job.

Then Miss Me Too wanted her turn. She had to have her clipboard. She started drawing and I wandered away to do other things. I was amazed when I went and saw what she had done.

I know it is not that impressive but when I saw what she was copying.

I could see what she was drawing.

I think I might need to have her copy some other pictures and work to develop her drawing skills. She does like drawing and writing. She hears her brother often say, "how do you spell _____." and so she will say, "how do you spell epithelial?" Yes, that is what she asked one day. I had to look it up before answering her.

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