Thursday, August 9, 2012

4th of July fun

I know this is a big late. We will have the peanuts and candy from the picnic so I guess it isn't that late. Then again I just threw out the half eaten chocolate rabbit so having candy doesn't really mean anything.

We had a picnic and I planned some games for the kids.

We had a sack race. I used up yards and yards of fabric to make a few sacks. I needed to use up yards and yards of fabric.

Some of the kids tried to just walk in the sack. Miss K was trying.

Then we had an ice cube race. It was like the egg race but we used ice cubes which was fun on a hot day.

We had a three-legged race. It was fun to watch the kids work together.

The last thing that we did was a peanut scramble. I remember this from Sunday School picnics when I was growing up. I had a big bowl of peanuts in the shell and some individually wrapped candy. The kids each had a paper bag. I threw the peanuts and candy and they scrambled to get it.  My kids still have peanuts and candy.

It was a fun picnic. I enjoyed planning some fun games for the kids.

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