Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Math Facts




Memorizing your math facts is an important part of learning math. This is an area that we focus on and make sure that the kids know their facts. We use flash cards, drill sheets, math wrap-ups, and just rote recitation of the math facts.

I have begun to teach Miss K the addition facts. We have begun with "plus one" facts. Miss K is a very visual learner. She wants to see it. I made some flash cards for her. I included the answer but when I ask her the question I don't say the answer just the problem. She then "reads" the answer to me. After she had learned the facts a bit, I slowly start adding in cards without the answer. As we transition,I keep both cards and then I start to  know the facts I take out the card with the answer.

For practice she was asking me the facts. This also gives her practice in saying the problem. It is a slow process but I do feel that this will help her in math skills and math success.

We have been using Saxon Math 1 and I am planning to switch to Math-U-See. J is using Saxon Math 6/5 this year. My goal is for him to finish that and begin 7/6 in the spring. I have also begun to do some Critical Thinking with him and will add Math Detective Beginning. Since this is the first time to add this to our Math program, I decided to start at the beginning level as I felt that would give him confidence and begin to think in this manner.


  1. My oldest has Autism, she is 15 I still remember doing math facts with her. The good thing about her autism and math facts is that she learned them quickly the bad thing was she wanted to do them exactly the same way for weeks on end! Persevere y'all can do it!

  2. We haven't memorized math facts yet. Right now my son uses manipulatives to figure out problems (or does it in his head if he can). I've heard different things about when to memorize the facts...some say right away...others say after the concept has been learned. I guess I'm going with the waiting line of thinking =) Sounds like your daughter is doing a great job!



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