Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spray Park

The weather was warm this afternoon, the locals might call it hot but coming from the East Coast this is not hot. It was warm enough that I decided to take the kids to the Spray Park. I have driven past it and thought it would be a fun place to go. Maybe because it was not a super hot day here it wasn't too crowded.

The kids had fun climbing and getting sprayed.

The big orca welcomes you are get to the spray area. Then there are two smaller ones following.

The little ones were just the right size for Miss K.

There were also some rock walls to climb. J climbed with no problems. I think he was king of the hill.

It was a good place for Miss K to climb as well. Climbing gives her a good all-body workout.

The kids enjoyed it and did ask to go back. We will have to see if we get any more warm/hot days.

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