Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 A Year to be Intentional

It is the time of year when you ponder what you have done while planning and dreaming of what you will do in the new year.

Here are some things that don't need much thought but should be on our list of things to do every day, every year, every month, every day, and even every minute.

Love God and your neighbour - It sounds so simple and yet it is so hard at times. Loving others means putting their needs and desires ahead of my own. I am so often selfish and want things my way.

Have a grateful heart - I wonder what would happen if I said thank you 10 times a day to those around me? Not just thank you for passing the potatoes but thanking and appreciating that person for something they did. I will say that this is harder than I thought.

Worship the Lord - Everything I do can be worship to the Lord. If I think about that and practice that it will change my view on some mundane tasks.

Trust in the Lord - In everything we are to trust the Lord. As I know God more, trusting him becomes easier. We know his character and we can trust him.

Seek the Lord - Seek the Lord first. If I were to seek him first, then my plans will be his plans. I would be doing what wants.

All of those should be goals for this year.

I also have some fun goals for the year. In no particular order here is the list.
  1. Publish my Book - Praying for the Heart
  2. I would love an idea for my next book
  3. Practice hospitality by having people over to our house
  4. Blog regularly
  5. Learn to use my camera - that was a goal 2 years ago
  6. Have less stuff in the house at the end of the year
  7. Have less projects at the end of the year - I have 11 now
  8. Knit once a month mainly so I don't forget how to knit
  9. Plan some outings to explore our area
  10. Hike once a month

Those are just a few of my goals. I decided that in order to get things done I need to be intentional to seek God and then do the things that he has called me to do and some fun things along the way.

Have a wonderful year!

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