Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cave Art

After our holiday this past summer, I am home with the desire to study art history. We saw so much good artwork and I want the children to understand an appreciation for artwork. I will also admit that I wanted to learn about this and so the best way to learn is to teach it. 

We began with cave painting. We read two books about cave painting Discovery in the Cave by Mark Dubowski and The Secret Cave by Emily Arnold McCully.  Those books gave us bits of the story which is interesting.  Then did some of our own cave painting. 

J decided not to do it on the wall through we did close the drapes so it was a bit darker in the room.

He even added a bit of graffiti to his painting. We did laugh about the book we found about Ug the Stone Age boy.

It was fun to study this period of art and learn a bit about the early art. Now we are moving on to Egyptian art.

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  1. I have some children who might be quite keen to paint on the wall!



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