Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fear vs. Faith

Recently in the Sunday morning sermons we have been working through part of the gospel of Mark. Some time in the past at the top of the page in Mark 4 I wrote, "Faith vs. Fear".  Seeing those words and hearing these sermons again caused me to pause and think about that.

Just to give you a bit of the context at the end of Mark 4 Jesus and the disciples go to the over side of the lake and a great storm comes up. The disciples are afraid but Jesus is sleeping. Jesus calms the storm and asks the question, "Have you still no faith?" (v40)

Then chapter 5 begins with Jesus healing a man with a demon. After that we see Jairus coming to Jesus asking him to come as his daughter is near death but on the way a woman with a bleeding issues reaches out and touches Jesus. Then finally Jesus makes it to Jairus' house but in the eyes of those around it is too late as the little girl has already died but it is never too late for Jesus.

The disciples were afraid, they feared for their lives. If anyone should know how to handle a storm it should be the disciples. A number of them were fishermen. They should not be afraid but they were. The boat was filling with water; they knew they were going to perish.

What happens in our lives when we allow fears to control us.

Fear paralyzes us. We are unable to move forward and grow in our Christian life.

Fear robs us of life. Because of fear we might not do things that we could and should do.

Fear leaves us in chaos. There is no peace in our lives when we are afraid.

Jesus calms the storm and then asks them "Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?" Are we afraid or are we living with faith?

When we life live with faith, we have freedom from worries and fears. When we have faith, we have peace in our hearts.

What are the fears in your life? It might be finances or health. Maybe you are lonely and fear being all alone. There are so many fears that can distract us and begin to control us. What is the faith that we need for each of those fears?

Faith is claiming God's promises.

What promises from God can we claim for our fears? Maybe the fear is health. One promise might be that God will never leave us. One promise might be that in heaven there is no pain or suffering. What are the promises that God gives us regarding our finances. God has promised to meet our needs. God has promised that he hears us when we call to him.

As I have faced something that could cause me to be fearful, I have paused and thought of the promises from God that counter that fear. I challenge you to do the same with the fears that you might have.

Today what promise do you cling to?

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