Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teaching Life Skills

can be a challenge when a child keeps adding to her name. This summer she started adding the "y" and "boy" to her brother's name. He didn't really like that so I said "start calling her 'sis'. So she started calling herself "Miss K sis". Then the other week she decided she really had some royal blood that she must have just discovered so she added "princess" to her name. So if you asked her, "what is your name?" she would respond "Miss K Sis Princess". I guess that was not enough because now she added "Abigail" to the name. "Miss K Sis Princess Abigail" Then she heard my maiden name and added that. Oh my will we be able to get her to say her name as it appears on her birth certificate? That is one of the goals for the year. She can say her last name but doesn't use that.



  1. LOL I remember the day Nick came home from special ed preschool and I made the mistake of calling him Nicholas (which I typically did since that is what I named him). He promptly informed me, "I'm Nick!" To which I responded, "Well, I'm your mother and I named you Nicholas." Since he now goes by Nick (and still gets quite upset if anyone calls him Nicholas), I guess he won that battle.

  2. I love long names, especially for princesses. :)

    My oldest quickly became known (by the other kids) as Alex at school. Sigh. That's a teenager's name! As long as I keep the teachers calling him his real name, I'm somewhat happy.



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