Saturday, November 6, 2010


One of the things about Hong Kong is the transportation system. The first year that we lived there we relied on public transportation and I would say that we got where we wanted to go without too much problems.

There are buses. Both double decker and light buses or as they are often called mini-buses. The mini-buses hold 16 people and have no room for standing so you always have a seat but they might fill up and you have to wait for the next one.

The MTR (subway) is another way to get around the city. While we lived there the KCR merged with the MTR. The KCR was the train that went to China. We lived near one of the KCR stations.

The Star Ferry has been crossing Victoria Harbour since 1898 or so. It is the cheapest way to get across the harbour. Miss K went through a phase where she didn't like boats but thankfully did much better this trip.

There are also taxis. As we were landing Miss K said something about the taxis being green and she was right. Where we lived the taxis were green. In the city the taxis are red. I was amazed that she remembered that or maybe she was paying attention to the welcome video that explained that.

Then on the island there are trams which are also known as "ding dings" because they have a bell that rings whenever they stop so they go around making a "ding ding" sound. We rode the trams just for the fun of riding the trams. It is a cheap way to get around, about 27 cents per ride.

I think we used all those modes of transportation during our stay as well as the Peak Tram and of course our own feet and Miss K did ride the stroller some.


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