Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trip Wrap-up

Before we left on the trip we made a list of things that we wanted to do. It had been 18 months since the kids and I had been there. Daddy had made a quick trip last year. Daddy had a conference and we got to tag along. He said it was the best one that they have had.

Our list seemed to have lots of restaurants. The kids and I ate at Pret A Manger. It is a fast food but freshly made. I think it ends the myth that English people cannot cook. The avocado, basil, tomato, pine nut wrap is my favorite. I was not mean and called my husband while I was eating it to tell him how good it was. I bought him one to enjoy. It is both our favorites.

We ate at our favorite Turkish restaurant. They opened a new one that was closer to our hotel and had more seating. It reminded us of our trip to Istanbul.

Another thing on our list was shopping. When we lived there and would come home, a big thing to do was shopping. Sometimes I would buy things here even though I knew I could get it there but it was easier. I bought a few things there because of that same reason. I went to the fabric district and found some ribbon and accessories.

I went to the market partly for the memory and also because I wanted to get some rice bowls. We had broken a few at home plus we were able to use them for cereal while we were there. At 50 cents each it was a good deal.

I also went to the Jade Market twice.  It was fun shopping and I got some Christmas gifts.

We also shopped where we were staying.

We went up to the Peak. We rode the bus up and then came down on the tram.  By the time we finished eating it was dark and we didn't have much time for pictures.

I think that about wraps up our trip. Now we are home getting adjusted to the time and getting rid of the Hong Kong Crude/cold that we all seemed to get. We are back in the routine.


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