Friday, January 6, 2012

My Christmas Stack

Piecing fabrics together is a creative outlet for me. I love finding fabrics and then finding a pattern that works for that fabric and then sewing it together and seeing how it comes out. I have learned to machine quilt and am working on improving that. I don't mind the machine part in fact that is a bit relaxing. I don't like pinning and working to keep it so the back does not get wrinkled. I don't mind sewing the binding on. I usually do it by hand and it is something I do in the car.

So one of my Christmas gifts this year to my mom and sisters-in-law was a quilt from my stack. Here is what was on that stack.

This was made from some Christmas Charm pack I had bought years ago. I used the Disappearing Nine patch pattern. I love the look of that pattern. It is very easy but looks complicated.

I was shopping in The Country Store one day and found this bundle of fabric. I loved the colors and kept the fabric waiting for the perfect pattern. That is a typical problem for me. I have to find the perfect pattern or I am afraid to cut the fabric.

This was a half yard bundle. I loved the bold and bright look. Again, it took me some time to figure out the perfect thing to do. I knew I didn't want to cut this fabric into small pieces the prints were a bit big and I didn't want to lose the brightness. This was so easy just sewing strips together. I did add some rick rack to just give it a bit more design.

This quilt is from a collection of fabric called California Dreaming. I made it when we were thinking that we would be moving to California. It is the same pattern as the fabric from the Old Country Store. I do love the colors (the picture is a bit washed out). We are not moving to California.

This was made from a charm pack or two of Nature's Notebook fabric. A great blue and white fabric.

This was made using some scraps that were left from the other quilt. This would look great in a blue and white room.

This is from a Fresh Squeezed Charm pack and a solid fabric used as the sashing. I love the bold look of this quilt. My husband loves orange so I was thinking he might want to keep this quilt but he is waiting for me to sew the binding on the Java quilt that I have.

I have two other quilts that I finished. I need to find pictures of those.

California Dreaming, both Nature's Notebook, Christmas Charm Pack, and Fresh Squeezed are still in a stack here at my house. If you would like to purchase them, just let me know.

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