Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beginning Readers

I have posted in the past a bit about teaching Miss K to read. Here is one. I have used Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons. This year we are using Scaredy Cat. Miss K has excellent sight word reading which is good and bad. Good that she knows so many words but bad because she will pick a sight word that is similar and not sound out the word. We play sight word bingo.

I thought I would share some of our favorite beginning readers. We still enjoy Dick and Jane books. Two years ago she was reading Dick and Jane, see here. The simple words along with repetition make it easy for beginning readers. We have two Dick and Jane treasury books and have added a few others paperback Dick and Jane.

Biscuit is another favorite. Biscuit is such a lovable dog with simple adventures that are easy to read but give a great sense of accomplishment. I found a series of Biscuit phonics readers at Goodwill. I found all 12 and decided that was a good deal.

Henry and Mudge books are one of Miss K's current love. Again thrift stores are great places to find these books. I found one today along with a book by Syd Hoff.

Some others that we enjoy -- Mr. Putter and Tabby, Annie and Snowball by the same author as Henry and Mudge, books my Syd Hoff, Francis books, Little Bear, and others. We used to have a shelf of books -- beginning with Level 1 and going all the way up to Level 4. I feel that having a variety of books available for her to read, sitting and reading to her, or having her read to me are all part of developing her reading skills.

These are not beginning reads but I enjoy having lots of good books available for J to read as well. I was thrilled today at Goodwill to find five books by Dave and Neta Jackson. I will add those to the other two that I found earlier.

What beginning readers do your children enjoy? What do you enjoy reading?



  1. I've been using the "Bob books" series with my 5-year-old. He hasn't branched beyond those into independent reading yet. My daughter loved the Dr. Seuss books!

  2. I totally forgot about the Bob Books -- Those are in the boxes as well. We have those and she has read them.

  3. Mary use to love Dick and Jane. Our library has several. Henry and Mudge were favorites will all my beginning readers.

    Would K enjoy printables to go along with the BOB books?

    1. Currently Bob is in a box so I don't know if she will still read them when we unpack that box. Thanks.



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