Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bridges - Arch Bridge

We had our second Bridges class last week. Miss K was asking when we would do our bridges class and it worked in our schedules to have a second class last week. This time the topic was Arch Bridges.

The first question that the teacher asked was a bit of a trick question, who made the first arch bridge? Someone guessed the Romans and a few others but the correct answer was God as we see arch bridges in nature around us.

There was a bit of discussion and looking at some photos of famous arch bridges. Then what they were waiting for the chance to build an arch bridge.

I think they did decide that building an arch bridge out of K'nex is not that easy.

Bob added some decoration to his bridge. It looked like it was decorated for the New Year. Here is his bridge waiting to be load tested.

He is watching and waiting hoping that his bridge will perform. If I remember, I think his bridge held about 17 pounds and was one of the stronger bridges that evening.

It was a fun evening and the kids had a good time building the bridge. One of the boys recognized an arch bridge when they were driving the other day. That is a sign that the students learned something.

Here is our other evening of bridge building.

My husband is thinking that we might have one more class.

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  1. This sounds interesting. When we were at the Science Museum recently, we did a bridge building exercise-holding the two sides until the keystone was put in place was challenging.



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