Friday, July 11, 2014

K is for Miss K

It is perfect timing the letter K during the week of Miss K's birthday. Time for my annual reflect on God's faithfulness as it relates to Miss K. I have written about her birth and the early years previously.

Miss K is turning 10. It is hard to believe that 10 years ago she was this small. I watched her tonight run after the football. She was kicking the ball and chasing it. She was throwing the frisbee with me and then trying to hit the baseball. I think back to those early days of Physical Therapy and the goal of getting her to walk. She is walking and running, skipping, and jumping.

She is a fighter and that has kept her going these 10 years. She is going to try it and she will work hard to succeed. Even if it is learning to count by 2's. She was working on that the other week and kept repeating it and repeating it.

She loves to go places. I remember even before she was 2 she loved to go out for rides in the stroller. In the last 10 years she has been to 13 countries, having lived in four different countries on three continents.

Before we moved to England Miss K decided she wanted to play football (soccer). We found a training programme and she is enjoying playing on Saturday mornings. The other week I told her, "go  get ready for soccer." She looked at me and said, "mom, it is football, we are in England." She knows what is going on.

This past year Miss K's reading has taken off. She is reading just about everything. We have to tell her to stop reading and go to sleep.

Miss K loves life and everything is her favourite. People feel so special when they have us for dinner and she says it is her favourite. I don't tell them that everything is her favourite. Right now mushrooms is her absolute favourite. For breakfast she will eat a mushroom omelette.

She was so proud of herself. She made her own breakfast.

Miss K loves people. Everyone is her friend. I will say that Zoe is the friend that she talks about the most. She was writing Zoe's name with cheese on her tortilla at lunch.

She loves the colour pink and anything Frozen. Ballet continues to be her love and she has recently added football to things she loves.

Happy 10th birthday, Miss K. We are thankful for you and the many ways that God has sustained you and bless you.

Here is her 9th birthday celebration and memories.
Miss K memories
Miss K memories Part 2
Miss K memories Part 3



  1. Happy Birthday Miss K! I wish we could celebrate it with you. :( It is amazing to think how far she has come in her physical development. I'm so happy to hear that she loves to read. :)

  2. Give her a hug from Auntie Sheila, OK?

  3. What a beautiful post, Beth. Miss K is an inspiration and always a joy to read about, and you are a wonderful mommy! Happy 10th birthday, Miss K!



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