Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Slow and Steady Finishes the Quilt

I have a stack of quilts that were quilted but need the binding. I do the binding my hand. I know you can do it my machine and have on one or two occasions but I like it done by hand. Forget the fact that they are machine quilted. Forget the fact that I have a number of quilt tops pieced that need to be quilted. Right now we are focusing on getting the binding on the quilts that have been quilted.

So or maybe I should say sew 15 minutes a day on the binding during the month of November. Yes, I push start and begin to sew. Don't ask how many times I can be interrupted within 15 minutes. I get my 15 minutes at least. One day it was 24 minutes. I must have been sewing right along that day.

Three days into the month and look was I finished.

I admit that 90 percent or so was already sewn on so it was just a bit to finish. I then got another quilt and machine sewed the binding on so I can continue my 15 minutes a day.

Slow and steady does finish the race and also the quilts. I wonder with 15 minutes each day how many I can finish this month. Check back at the end of the month and I will show you what I got done.

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  1. Great idea! I should do something 15 minutes a day this month to finish something unfinished. Hmm...



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