Monday, November 10, 2014

TOS Creative Nature Study Review

I was excited to have an opportunity to review The Old Schoolhouse Creative Nature Study. This is an ebook from The Old Schoolhouse.

Just the other day I looked at my bookshelves and saw the big thick Handbook of Nature Study sitting there. When was the last time we opened the book, I couldn't remember when we had used it. I have grand ideas of adding Nature Study to our school. I dream of journals filled with our nature doodles. I long for time in our schedule to just go for a nature walk. I need some creative ideas to help me with this.

So with those thoughts in mind I was excited about the opportunity to review the Old Schoolhouse Creative Nature Study ebook. This is a compilation of various authors writing on nature studies giving ideas on what has worked for them.

Chapter 1 began with What is Nature Study and Why Do it. I loved the emphasis on knowing God as a result of studying nature. I agree with that foundation and love having one more way to know God in our daily education and learning.

The other chapters includes topics like how to get started, creative walks, creative projects, and other ideas to include nature study in your homeschool days. I found some easy ideas to incorporate into our life. We do lots of walking and so one of the things that I wanted to do was think about how we can add nature study into our walks.

It is autumn with cold and grey days not exactly the nature study weather but I decided to use one of the ideas in the book and just go out. The rain had stopped but it was still wet. We needed a break in our day.  I gave each of the children a brown lunch bag which they decorated.  Our goal was to fill the bag.

As we walked down the street, we saw leaves falling from the trees. Miss K was excited to go out and wanted to add all the leaves to her bag.

We do have a small nature reserve nearby and so we looked there for some things to add to our bags.

We took some time to look at the small things as well as the big things. This snail was just on the pavement.

Miss K was mainly collecting leaves. J was collecting some twigs, leaves, and added some moss. Sometimes when you study nature you end up with more than you thought. We dumped the leaves on the table. Thankfully I had put down a big piece of paper. We discovered some other nature that had come home with us -- some bugs. We watched them crawl about.

The children enjoyed the walk, it gave us a break, but at the same time we used our observation skills and learned a bit about nature and God who created all things. 

This book encouraged me to add some nature study into our homeschool day. I realised it can just be a short study and does not need to be an all day event. I am looking forward to utilising some of the other ideas like a listening nature study. I wonder what sounds we will hear. We do have a bird feeder, which will be an easy way to study nature as we watch the birds that come to the feeder. 

I found the book easy to read. It was fun of ideas and practical. This ebook is available from here at The Old Schoolhouse for just $12.95. It is a great addition to your homeschool books as a resource and idea book. 

This review is done for The Old Schoolhouse. Other reviews of homeschool curriculum, books, and helps can be found here.

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  1. Wonderful idea. Thanks for the review!

  2. Are you joining the Crew? I've really enjoyed my time as a Crew member.

    1. Yes, I am joining the Crew. I am looking forward to it. I hope the kids enjoy it.

  3. I kill snails and slugs on sight. :) I try to refrain from it, though, when I'm at a park. They eat up my plants mercilessly.



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