Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, Miss K

You would not let us forget your birthday. I think you started the countdown July 13, 2014. For days, weeks, and months you have been telling us when is your birthday. Now for the past few days numerous times a day, you told us your birthday was on Sunday. Happy Birthday.

Eleven years ago a baby girl was born. I had all kinds of dreams of the things she would do, the languages she would speak, the places she would go, the way she would shine forth Jesus. She does all of those in her own way, the way God designed and not necessarily the way I dreamed.

Miss K will tell you that she can speak Chinese -- she will then count to ten for you. At times she will talk with a British accent as that is what she hears from her friends. On the plane to Italy the flight attendant offered her a magazine. The attendant told her it was in German and could she read it. Miss K told her, "yes, I can read it."

 She is learning to play the piano. She loves to travel unless she has to walk long distances and wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. She loves Sunday School and loves Jesus. She loves to sing, "Praise God from Whom" as she calls it.  God's hand has been on her life from before her birth to now.

The night before the heart catheterization which was when there were complications. 

Eleven years ago there were so many uncertainties and yet to God this was not a surprise. God knew she would be born in Taiwan and need stomach surgery right away. God had us made a doctor/hospital switch to one with a NICU. God knew she would need heart surgery and had the #3 doctor be willing to perform the operation even though there had been some serious complication with the heart catheterisation. God knew she would need physical therapy and provided a therapist who donated her time. God knew all of that and more. He provided and continues to provide.

Today we celebrate 11 years of life with Miss K. She loves life and is often heard, "that's my favourite" She loves shrimp, Peppa Pig, pink, ballet, olives, squid (she really is a TCK), chocolate, ice cream, and family and friends.

She has been looking forward to her birthday for the past 364 days. Happy Birthday Miss K. You had your dream fulfilled -- you went to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Happy 11th Birthday, Miss K
Let's starting counting the days until you are 12.

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  1. Happy 11th Birthday Miss K. I hope it was so much fun. Congrats.

  2. I love hearing about Miss K! Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  3. Happy birthday Miss K. hope it was a nice day for you. :)

  4. Happy belated Birthday Miss K!! We miss you!



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