Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seen around Italy

It seems that on our trip we were seeing old things, yummy things, beautiful flowers, or just interesting things. These are just a few of the memories and things that we saw.

A display with lots of biscuits or cookies, they look delicious.

This was the sign at one of the Gelato shops. I think this was some of the best gelato.

I love this sign. I think it is the rooster. I love that country look. It would be a fun sign for in my kitchen.

This might not be the best photo. I took it through a fence but I loved the tomatoes growing in the greenhouse. When I think of Italian food, I do think of tomatoes and so I just had to take a photo of them. I will say that I bought some in Rome and they tasted delicious almost as good as the ones my parents grow. I wonder if the three plants in my garden are still living. Maybe I will have my own tomatoes.

Isn't it funny how certain things give you an impression of a place before you get there. For some reason Olive Garden gave me images and impressions of Tuscany. I think for the countryside beauty Tuscany was the most beautiful. We were staying on the top of a mountain. This was the view from the pool. 

This was as we walked to the town.

This was a box of tomatoes at one of the little grocers. I think this was the place that was closed on Wednesdays but we went back on Thursday. These tomatoes were the kind that made me want a tomato sandwich.

This was the view from the pool. I don't think the camera really captured all that we could see.

Hydrangeas are my favourite flower. These were so beautiful. I love the deep color of the pink and the varied shades.

Just a fun road time. We were not far from Vinci. I guess you could go right or left and get there.

Pasta - we had some very good food on our trip. I don't think we had a bad meal at all. The kids were talking about all the good food we ate and missing the pasta. One of the things we had was a walnut sauce, we had it at a restaurant and then found it in the store and made pasta with it in the apartment.

Scooters or the Vespa. This also gives me thoughts of being back in Taiwan with a row of scooters all lined up.

As we walked around Rome one evening we found a number of old Fiat's.

It was evening over St. Peter's, time to say good-bye and head home.

Good-bye, Italy. We had fun.

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