Friday, August 27, 2010

Easy Yogurt

I used to not be a bit yogurt fan. I eat it but it still not the first thing that I go to when I want a snack but I am working on that along with learning how to eat coconut. My husband will eat yogurt and the kids will eat yogurt. I tried making it once in the crockpot but that was difficult and when we lived in Hong Kong where milk cost $7 a gallon making yogurt is not cost effective. Thankfully, I discovered something even easier - Easiyo.  A friend loaned me hers and we tried it loved it. We bought our own and have been using it since.

It is so easy that the kids can do some of it. Fill the container half full with water add a packet or since this is from New Zealand it is called a sachet of yogurt mix, shake, add water to the fill line. While you are doing this boil some water. Then add the boiled water to the thermos this is the part that the parents do. Put the container in the thermos and leave it sit on the counter for 8 to 24 hours and you have yogurt.

We usually buy the Natural and add fruit, honey, or granola. A friend recently told me that the Greek was good so we bought some of that. We will go through a litre or two a week. We do buy some of the Easiyo Fruit squirts and enjoy those to add some flavouring.

The most exciting part of this is I can now buy the sachets online and not have to pay shipping from New Zealand or have my husband carry a suitcase of them back from Hong Kong when he goes for meetings.

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  1. I make yogurt too since I can't find plain here. I have little packets of the bacteria you use. I find that if I save back a few tbsp. of each batch, I can use that as starter for the next batch. In that way, my little packets last forever. I only have to use a packet when I've been away from home so long that I've got no yogurt left.
    I also drain the yogurt for sour cream. That's some good stuff!



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