Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fine Motor Skills

As I planned our homeschool week, I made a list of some fine motor activities that could be included in the week. I spent a bit of time on Pinterest and just thought of what we could do using things that we have. I try to keep therapy type things together which does make it easier to pull things out.

I made a sensory bin this week. It has been one of those things that I wanted to do for some time and finally did it. I just filled with red rice and found some pink and red things to put in it.

Years ago before Pinterest and all the blogs I made a rice box for Miss K. I just filled a box with rice and hid a few things in it and gave her a spoon.

That was before I knew how to colour rice and have themes. I will say she had lots of fun with it years ago.

Both kids were getting into it this week. It is fun to see them play together, hiding things for each other.

That might be more of a sensory activity but it is still good.

I had some foam letters and with the help of someone here more artistic than I am, we drew a bowl on paper to make a bowl of alphabet soup. Squeezing glue is a great fine motor activity.

She had fun gluing the letters on the bowl.

Here are those little hands and fingers working on squeezing the glue out.

She enjoyed this activity.

Here is the finished project. She was excited to show daddy.

I have a few more activities but we have been busy and so she has not done all of them. It really does help to pull things together and have them ready to offer her.

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