Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heard around our house

A bit of background to this story.

I love mugs. We have mugs for all moods and from various places we have been. We use the mug and go back to visit that place -- Paris - that mug was broken so I guess we need to go back; Provonce - that mug was broken; Jamaica - we can still use that mug; San Francisco is still here; as is Osaka, Singapore Chili's, and Taiwan plus a stack more. We are not lacking in mugs.

Also I love bright, bold colors. Just in little places -- like mugs or sticky notes.

One more bit of information that helps with this story. When I stop at Costco, I go in head to the refrigerator section and then loop around getting all the things on my list. I don't wander through the store.

Yesterday J and I wandered through Costco because they were remodeling and we needed to buy ziploc bags for my friend. We saw a set of bold, bright mugs. They were one color on the outside and another color on the inside. I remarked that I liked them and then said, "I need more mugs like I need" and paused. J finished the sentence with "monkeys in my room". That fits. We don't need monkeys in his room. It is messy enough without monkeys.

As we told daddy this take, he said jokingly "let's get the monkeys first."

We don't need mugs or monkeys.


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