Monday, October 17, 2011

This school year 2011-2012

Since we are now months into our school year, maybe now it is time to share and list what we are using and doing this year. We school year round taking breaks when we need to.

This is my 3rd year of homeschooling. I now have a label/approach -- we are classical with a few other things mixed in.

Both children are in Classical Conversations (CC) this year. This is our first year to do that. As we began the year, I set goals for both children -- I wanted J who is in 4th grade to work towards memory master and I wanted Miss K to know the timeline. J was quick to raise his hand the other week when the director asked who were working towards memory master. I think I need to raise my expectations with Miss K. She has been following the timeline and has it down (the motions help her and if you know the timeline you will know what she is saying) but at the same time she is getting the history and science sentences.

J is considered 4th grade this year. We are working on the following:

Saxon Math 54 which we will finish and then start Saxon 65

Essentials with some Shurley Grammar Level 3 mixed in

IEW writing

Explode the Code currently in book 3 1/2 and will do book 4

Sequential Spelling Book 1 and then we will start Book 2 (that was my yard sale find -- I have book 3 a friend was getting rid of so we are set)

Bible Discovery Genesis - he wanted to start at the beginning

American history - reading various books

Science - the human body - again reading various books

Both of these follow CC topics for this year.


Miss K - K/1st she is somewhere in there

Saxon Math K (she thinks the K is for her name) - I have been amazed that she is getting the concepts.

Teach Your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons - she will tell me "next week" when I get that book out

History for Little Pilgrims which she loves and asked for "surgery" or that is what it sounds like

Handwriting without tears

Reading lots of books

That about wraps up what we are doing this year or what we have done so far this year. We will probably add some things. Daddy wants to teach history of science.

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