Saturday, October 1, 2011


Our destination for our road trip was Toronto . We went to visit some friends there.

On Saturday morning we went out for dim sum. It was good to eat some of our favorites from Asia. Miss K and J loved the octopus.

She kept eating it.

Asking for more until finally it was gone.

J ate some as well but I didn't get any pictures of him eating it. I did get a picture of his plate.

Then we went to the waterfront and walked around a bit.

We saw the CN Tower but did not go up.

We were walking along and all of a sudden Miss K found a place to sit and then she said "picture". She wanted her picture taken. Getting her to look at the camera is a challenge. If you say "where is mama?" She will point to you.

There is something that was called the wave. I am not sure what it was designed to be but I saw how the kids used it -- as a sliding board.

She was so proud of herself. I figure it was a good workout to climb up to the top.

There was a building which honestly I don't understand what it was -- not a pet shop, but in the one area they had people with their dogs and you could meet the different dogs. I guess it is a cultural thing that I don't understand stand since I am not from there. Miss K just stood and looked at the dogs.

No, I don't want a dog. I know it would be good. No, I don't want a dog.

I wanted to buy a gift for my neighbor as she watched our house for us. I decided some maple syrup would be good. The tourist stores had nice little bottles for about 12.99 Canadian. I thought we could buy it cheaper in the grocery store. We stopped at Real Canadian Superstore. I wanted something that was Canadian and not just another American store north of the border. We had stopped at Tim Horton's on our way up. Anyway I found a larger bottle of maple syrup for $10.99 or so. One of the things about traveling internationally is you always try to use up as many of the coins as possible. You can exchange the bills but not the coins. The lines were long and so we did self-scan. I put all my coins in and some bills. I got 5 cents change -- the machine must have know I was an American because I got a US nickel.

It was a fun trip and the kids did great in the car.


  1. I didn't realize you were in driving distance of Canada. :) That's so fun that you went to Tim Horton's. I won't tell J, he'd be jealous. Did you get a double double? That's double cream, double sugar.

    I can't explain the dog thing for you. :) Probably some weird Toronto thing. Toronto has a bad rep amongst the rest of Canada. They think they're the centre of the universe or something.

  2. I thought you while we were there. I was going to use my Canadian name but thought it might be confusing.



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